Simple Confusion about Geometry...

Discussion created by hylndr on Feb 21, 2012
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Howdy All,
I know this is really going to show my ignorance in ArcObjects, but I can't seem to figure it out, so it's time to query y'all on this... In going through the Geometry space, I've come across some classes that have some meaningful and needed functionality, but I can't seem to get there from here... What I'm referring to the what the difference between a "Polygon" and a "PolygonClass" objects. The polygonclass object has some methods that I'd like to use... How does one get from a feature (that is from a POLYGON feature class) to a polygonclass object or for that matter the same applies to the difference of a Point and a PointClass classes/objects... I have yet to find a good example of how one goes about this, or a GOOD explaination as to what exaclty are the differences and why one would use one object type over the other... Here goes nothing...

Thanks in advance, and I apologize for a having a "stupid" moment

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