Join raster DTMs together using spatial analyst

Discussion created by middle1 on Feb 21, 2012
HI, I???ve previously used spatial analyst to join/mosaic similar files together using raster calculator with mosaic([grid1],[grid2],??????[gridn]). I'm trying to do this again but cannot get past the raster calculator stage. I'm trying to join some raster DTMs together. I've converted my .ntf files using map manager and then converted in ArcMap using ASCII to Raster. But I cannot get past the raster calculator stage and am unsure how to join my DTMs together.
I???ve tried using the mosaic tool and mosaic to new raster tool, but I have only been taught how to do via the raster calculator method, so I didn???t know how to use the other tools to join my files together.
I think my university uses ArcMap 10.