Searching still doesn't seem to work correctly

Discussion created by jvondracek on Apr 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2010 by odoe
Let me illustrate with an example.  If I enter "docking custom toolbar" in the search box at the upper right of the Resource Center page, I get 72 results in the Communities.  The first 37 of these are the thread "Where is red toolbox?" 

Problem #1: When I perform a web search, I don't get the same page for the first umpteen results, even if my search terms show up several times on that page.  I would prefer that the forums work the same way.  That is, I would only expect to get one hit for the "Where is red toolbox?" thread, not 37.  If I want to go look for "docking custom toolbar" in that thread, I will, but I can tell at a glance that it's not a thread that I'm interested in.  Pass. So, I go to the next 10 results, and they are all the same.  Pass.  So, I go to the next 10 results, and they are again all the same.  Pass.  So, I go to the next 10 results, and find that the first 7 are the same, but the last 3 are different, finally.

Problem #2: Of the remaining 35, some of the results are indeed in the old forums.  However, looking at the old ArcGIS Desktop - ArcObjects General forum, I see that there is a post from 4/1/2010 entitled "CUSTOM TOOLBAR WITH DOCKABLE WINDOWS" and a post that was last updated on 3/22/2010 entitled "docking a custom toolbar - inconsistent behaviour".  Neither of these showed up in the new forums search results, and these are actually posts that I would be interested in if I really wanted to search for "docking custom toolbar".

OK, maybe I am searching the wrong way in the new forums.  So on the http://forums.arcgis.com/ page, I click the magnifying glass next to the untitled text box that is BELOW the text box that has a Search button next to it.  (Bizarre I/F design.)  Now I am on the Advanced Search page.  Do I search Single Content Type or Multiple Content Type?  What is the difference between a Search Type of Posts versus a Search Type of Forums?  It should say on this page, but it doesn't.  At the bottom of the page, it does tell me what the 70 most-searched-for thread tags are.  I couldn't care less. 

OK, I will cast a wide net and search Multiple Content Types for "docking custom toolbar", and I will Search Entire Posts.  I don't select a Search Type because the text on the page says "If you do not select any search types, all search types will be in the search results."  Sounds good.  Search Now!  "Sorry - no matches.  Please try some different terms." 

OK, let's try Searth Titles Only.  Search Now!  "Sorry - no matches.  Please try some different terms."

OK, I will retry Search Entire Posts, but I will mark the checkboxes for both Search Types.  Search Now!  "Sorry - no matches.  Please try some different terms."

At this point, the terms that I am thinking are unprintable.

I tried searching for "custom toolbar" in the Advanced Search, and did get 11 results.  All of these were in the new forums.  It looks like the Advanced Search doesn't include anything from the old forums.  Unhappiness.