re-model ???non-textured??? 3D feature class into ???textured??? 3D

Discussion created by hlzhang525 on Feb 19, 2012
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Hi, CE team & all

First of all, thanks for prompt reply and help on this forum. Secondly, quick question seeking for your assistance.

We have many existing ???non-textured??? 3D feature classes (multipatch) in geodatabase. Right now, we are trying to modify/re-model ???non-textured??? ones into ???textured??? 3D models, which want to take advantage of CE (I am using CE 2011.1).

Can CE team or anyone else share your hands-on practice on this aspect? It may include:

[INDENT]1. What is the exact procedure to get it done properly in order to obtain ???textured??? 3D feature class from 'non-textured'?

2. Within CE, is it possible to 'directly' use surface textures from referenced images, photos, samples libraries, or CGA rules, in particular, for photorealistic modeling? If yes, how?