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Python Gui problem

Question asked by olivier57 on Feb 18, 2012
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I wrote a few python scripts, but it's the first time that I want to run one within Arcmap and then I encounter a problem that I didn't find how to solve.

To launch the script, I need to propose a list of choice that comes from an SQL query. I would prefer to use tkinter, but it seems that there is no way to avoid the first form "parameters". Is that true ?

So I was thinking to fill a "field" parameter with the result of my sql query but I don't find how and I'm not even sure that I'm searching in the right direction. Is the purpose of the "tool validator" as I did several tests without great success ? If yes, can I set its function inside my code instead of having them in the "validation" tab of the properties form ? Or can I query my database at the very beginning  to set the default value of the parameter before the form opens (not possible if the parameter form is called automatically before my code ?) ? What is the type of the parameter that could hold a list of hundred items, set as checkboxes ?

May I have some kind help ?