No infowindow after locate task

Discussion created by kganz on Feb 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by LuciH
Working on my first page using the this api.
I have a pretty good start using the samples, the two main functions I need, address matching and an infowindow work fine separately.
I have minor problem which only occurs after I use the locate task then immediately try to click the map to display an infowindow. I click the map and nothing happens.
If you pan the map even slightly or zoom back out causing the map to redraw in any way, then the map click and info window work and keep working.
If you zoom out then locate a new address, go to that address, then infowindow on click.

Does the js api use some way, similar to silverlight or others, to turn on and off the draw surface? I was wondering if the map pan activates the surface.
I have a test copy of it running here:

If you click the map at the start you get an infowindow, go to find and address, then click the map...nothing.