Python 2.1 still on machine with 2.6

Discussion created by jlabate on Feb 18, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2012 by curtvprice
Hi All,
Softball question from Python novice. I have Python 2.1 loaded on my box running on MS Vista. I've since installed ArcMap 10 that included the installation of Python 2.6.

I'm looking to do some tutorial work starting with opening the PythonWin Interactive Window. When I do a "start search" of the OS for PythonWin I get the 2.1 version.

Should I completely uninstall Py 2.1? Is it wrong to have both versions on machine or is 2.1 just not being used by ArcView10 as it accesses 2.6?
If I do uninstall 2.1 will I then be able to find and open the PythonWin 2.6 version - or is it there all along and I'm not finding the 2.6 PythonWin?