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Error loading Philadelphia tutorial data

Question asked by sagowan on Feb 17, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by sagowan
I'm just starting to test CityEngine and I get this error when loading in "results.gdb" in the Philadelphia tutorial when I drag and drop the file into the view. If I use the "File GDB Import" nothing happens when I hit the "Finish" button, the dialogue box just sits there until I cancel. Might this be the result of the IT dept having installed the "light" version of CE where the SHP importer is not avalailable? If not, any other suggestions?

Error while registring:Category=com.procedural.ceui.wizards.layerImport class=com.procedural.formats.dae.KMLImportWizard icon=icons/kml.png id=com.procedural.formats.dae.KMLImportWizard name=KML Import