Divide Polygon in equal areas

Discussion created by konno on Feb 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by knkeeley
Dear community,

we are working with a lot of big forest parcels and want to divide them into (exact) 1ha, 0,25ha parcels and so forth. Is there any kind of algorithm which could do this automatically? Up to now, we are overlaying polygon-rasters of smaller size then the desired output and merge the small squares. But of course the parcels we get cant fit 100% in our forest area (squares in irregular polygons). Other solutions are drawing parcels by hand and estimating the area, calculating it as an attribute, take a small bit of or ad a bit and so forth until we get the area of 1 Hectar.

Do you guys have any idea how we can automate this process? and if not as "divide polygon in 0,25 ha pieces" something like " divide polygon in 20 equal areas"? It would save us time and space in our layers :rolleyes:

I fear this is to heavy to calculate but still hope for suggestions

thanks for you input, regards Konrad