Getting junctions at intersections of edges despite 'End Point' Connectivity Policy

Discussion created by guillaumebarreau on Feb 13, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2012 by guillaumebarreau

I am hitting what seems to me a bug. I have an edge class A. When I build a network from it with the connectivity set to 'end points', I get what I expect: edges that cross in their middle do not generate a junction. When I intersect A with something else to create a subset B, building the same network results in the creation of a network with unexpected junctions at the intersection of those same edges.
It so happens that when building B I am also getting the following message for 4 edges:

SourceName: streets_island, ObjectID: 41868, The edge feature is too small to participate in snapping and may not be connected to other features.

However, having further cleaned set B into a set C to remove or edit the offending edges, I am getting a network that doesn't generate any error message but still doesn't respect the connectivity policy.

Has anyone got any explanation for this behaviour?

Thanks a lot,