1,000 missing survey data points to be fixed by interpolation

Discussion created by kashif.shah on Feb 11, 2012
Hello experts,

not sure, if this is the right forum, (just a new comer)

I have large data of around 10,000 drainage pipe segments and 10,000 junctions in ArcGIS layer

The problem is: due to some reason certain junctions could not be accessed for survey, thus 1,000 entries are missing for pipes and junctions' invert elevation

Logically, interpolation should work here. (based on slope, u/s tag invert level or two junction u/s tag invert level or likewise)

Tried to do it manually in excel, but quite tiring and with less confidence (unprofessional too)

Any clue how to fix it?

Can send the shp files if required

Thanks in advance,