Spatial Analyst Distress Call - Reclassify producing strange results

Discussion created by acwalker on Apr 27, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2010 by pknaga
This problem has recently starting occurring everytime I run a reclassification in Spatial Analyst.  I think some setting has been changed but so far I'm unable to determine what it could have been.

I am working with integer grids where certain values must be reclassified to be either a '1' or '0' respectively.  The results are always a new integer grid where values are either '1' or '0' in the entire grid.  Recently one of my reclassify operations ended with a raster that appeared looking like this:

Notice in the table of contents it is classified into 9 classes, but the raster itself appears to be correct having only two values.

At first I thought it was simply a symbology issue.  I thought Arcmap had somehow defaulted to showing the raster in 9 classes even though there are only two unique values (again, '1' or '0').  But in the properties of this raster I cannot change it to only 2 classes.  First I get an error saying there is no attribute table, so I tell ArcMap YES to build one.  Once the table is built, I can see in the symbology tab that indeed 9 classes are assigned on the color ramp, but it will not allow me to switch to 2 instead.  It gives me an error saying "Can't read descriptor table".

To reiterate, this problem started occurring quite suddenly using data I have been working with for awhile.  My coworker ran an identical reclassify process on the same data and his results were normal, so I believe something has gone sour with my settings.

Has anyone had this problem before, or knows of a quick fix?

Many thanks for your help.