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interact with popup ?

Question asked by doncatanzaro on Feb 10, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2012 by doncatanzaro
Hi All, 

I have javascript application and I want to allow a user to be able to click a polygon, get a pop up to view the attributes, then interact with them. 

So one tab of the popup would have the attributes of the layer itself.

On another tab you would be able to have a form which you could play "what-if".  The user would "start" with the attributes in the layer, but then be allowed to change those values and multiply a few together and then get an answer. 

There is no "editing", when the user closes the pop-up the "what-if" work they have done goes away.

I've only seen pop-ups that are basically read only slices of data so what would be a good pathway to develop this capability ? 

By that I mean should it happen in a pop up ?  info window ? use the identify - popup ?  Something totally different ?

Thanks in advance !