Feedback on Wilderness Map

Discussion created by wildernesswebmaster99 on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2012 by jmitz
The new wilderness map I'm testing and will eventually launch on my website http://www.wilderness.net could use a good critique. This map overlays official wilderness boundaries that I maintain on top of aerial photography and locational basemaps provided by Bing and a topographic basemap by ESRI. It also has a custom nav panel with various buttons and popups if you click within a wilderness boundary. I'd like some feedback on how this works, how intuitive it is, whether you can break it :) Don't be afraid to be blunt!

I've tested it in IE9, FireFox 10, Chrome 16.0.912.77m, and Safari (windows) 5.1. Feedback regarding performance in IE7, 8 would be much appreciated, as many in our audience use those browsers.

Although it's not the most enticing incentive, I'd be glad to send anybody who offers a thorough critique a free Wilderness.net sticker; just email me, Lisa Eidson, your address and sticker preference (1 of 10 different ones with text on back) after you post your critique.

Here's the link to the map: http://www.wilderness.net/map.cfm

Thanks much to anyone willing to offer feedback!