Forums MVP Program - Launching February 23rd

Discussion created by jbarry-esristaff Employee on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by iamurray
You may have noticed that some of the members on these forums are badged as "Forums MVPs".  For the past several years (up until mid 2010) the old forums (now archived) had an MVP Program that we all used to recognize the valuable contributions of the most active and knowledgeable members of the ArcGIS community.

Due to popular demand, the program is back, and it's now improved based mostly on feedback we received over the past few years from you.  Turned out the old program had some significant flaws; we have removed those.

On February 23rd the new program will launch, which will include:

New Forum MVPs:   Based on activity over the past 18 months, we have selected 20 forums  users as our newest Class of MVPs.  They will be announced, badged accordingly, and  also eligible for prizes as described using the rules and prizes of the existing MVP program.

New Forum MVP Program Rules:   We will publish a new set of MVP program rules that you can follow if you are  interested in being recognized as one of the top contributors in the  community.  These rules are simpler to follow, and more importantly, the  selection of MVPs will have much more validity because now the program  is based on voting by the entire user community, not just Esri Staff or  the original poster of the thread.  We are also giving more voting  weight to those in the community who are already badged as MVPs or  Senior Members.

Thank you all very much for your continued  patience as we complete the roll-out of this already overdue program.  

And of course thank you all very much for your questions, your answers,  and your discussions.  The ArcGIS Forums continue to be the most used,  most useful, and most active platforms we have for ArcGIS users to be  most successful with these technologies.