Store Attribute on Feature Creation

Discussion created by schnick87 on Feb 7, 2012
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Dear Community,

I'm quite new to ArcGIS, Python and the whole things used in there.
Currently, I'm doing an internship and thyerefore, I need to use ArcGIS to label some street objects.

I created a 3D-Point-Shape-File.
Afterwards I create a point with a plugin that adds x, y and z data to the point.
Afterwards I adjust the z-Data so it fits to a certain object above ground.
The old z-data gives the height over sea of the groundplane.
To verify the height of the object above the groundplane, I want to calculate the difference between the old and the current z-value.

This operation should be automatically and therefore I'm looking for a signal or an option which tells me, that I just added a point to the shapefile.

Because I'm really new to this, I only have a bad solution for this:

Making a point which contains Z and M values and store while manually increasing the z-value the old z-value to the M-Value.

What can I also do? How can I access the signal "on feature creation"?
Is there a way to automatically change field values without opening the field manager after each new feature?

Thank you so much!