High Accuracy Address data?

Discussion created by chadwick7424 on Feb 7, 2012
Hello.  Does anyone have any ideas on the MOST accurate address database nationally?  It needs to be compared with existing parcel layers purchased from government agencies, like the Assessor's office, for example.  The idea would be to identify missing addresses from the given parcel layer for any given city within the United States.  So far I've tried the USPS national database as an identifier.  However, is this the most accurate available?  Does anyone have any better experience with a different agency/vendor?  I'm looking for something extremely accurate.  And it would be nice to have XY's, but not crucial.  There is an endless sea of vendor's when a Google search is performed, but I'm hoping to find someone here that has had good success with any particular product.  I appreciate any information from anybody.  Thank you!