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ISpatialFilter without FeatureClass

Question asked by vinayan on Feb 7, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by vinayan
I hope somebody can  help me on this.

i have two polygon Feature Classes, say, A and B. I want to check whether the Centroid of Polygon from A intersect a 10 feet buffer of centroid of polygon from B.

I used ItopologicalOperator.Buffer to Create the buffer from B. I believe the centroid of the Polygon from A can be obtained by using the below method

set pFeatClassA = pmap.layer(0) Dim pFeatureA as iFeature Set pFeatureA = pFeatClassA.GetFeature(123) Dim pPolygon as Ipolygon Set pPolygon = pFeatureA.Shape Dim pArea as iArea Set pArea = pPolygon Dim centroidPt as iPoint Set centroidPt = pArea.Centroid

But which method can be used to find whether these geometries intersect since there are no physical features corresponding to the centroid and the buffer polygon? IspatialFilter is the only option that i know of. But it seems it can be used only  from a FeatureClass or Selection set. Can someone help me on this?

Note: I do not want to create additional feature classes for this. It would have been a simple solution then.
Thanks in advance..