Working with Identity Manager

Discussion created by gLairdMassGIS on Feb 6, 2012
I am trying to configure the Identity Manager Sample to work with one of my secured services. The service and the html page are both on our server (different machine) and I am trying to access it from my desktop. When I click the OK button in the SignIn form, after I provide the user login/password, I get an error in FireBug: 500 Internal Server Error.
I noticed that the 2nd part of the POST url uses the server name rather then the IP address.
1st part - correct: POST http://serverIP/foldername/proxyfolder/proxy.ashx?
2nd part - problematic: https://serverName/intanceName/tokens

I would rather it uses the IP address and not the servername as I can not access the server using it's name. Only IP works. I was trying to change the <ServerMachines>,<Machine>,<Name> entry in the server.dat file to be the IP address and also run the post install again but, none worked and I kept getting the serverName again and again. I also tried to change the TokenServiceURL entry in the tokens web.config (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\instancename\Tokens) but, it ignored that as well. I am not even sure where is the 2nd part of the url is being read from. None of the changes seems to have any affect.

If I take the 2nd part of the url and try to run it in a browser using the IP: https://serverIP/intanceName/tokens --> I do get the html of the token service.

Anybody has any ideas?