What is the proper input field for clacualting Moran's I?

Discussion created by mel79 on Feb 5, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by dbirkigt
I am trying to use Arcgis in calculating Moran's I. I get an error and I am thinking that it might be due to the nature of my input field. After reading some documentation from ESRI website, it seems to me that the input field must be a weighted value of incident or event. What I have is a point dataset containing about 13,000 data points. Each point has a field containing the total count of fish observed per sampling. I used this field as the input field in calculating Moran's I and it returns an error. I am not sure if I need to calculate a weighted value for each of the total count. If yes, I am not sure exactly how this weighted value should be calculated. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.