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difficulty using ISA with Tiger/Line shapefile joined with additional data

Question asked by chesnokovaa on Feb 3, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2012 by chesnokovaa
Hi! I have been trying to use census Tiger/Line files joined with population stats to check for autocorrelation (and hopefully proceed to hotspot and GWR analyses), but keep running into problems.

First of all, I get the following message: WARNING 000916: The input feature class does not appear to contain projected data.

However, the shapefile for the state I am using (broken by ZCTA polygons) definitely has a pre-defined projection. I have tried changing the projection to no avail.

Second, the distances seem to be in a bizarre format. When inputting an initial distance that would make sense on a ZCTA scale (100s or 1000s), the tool returns: WARNING 000929: The threshold distance must be smaller than the feature class extent.
WARNING 000946: Threshold distance being set to the maximum length of the feature class extent.

When distances are not specified, the tool utilizes distances that are <1.

I'm sure I'm doing something incredibly stupid, since everyone else seems to have a great time using this tool, but would still appreciate some help.