IPropertySet for ties

Discussion created by dlkhp on Feb 3, 2012
We're running ArcGIS 9.2 (our client refuses to upgrade until he has to).

We have some code calling a service for a zip code geocoder, with the results returned in an IPropertySet object.  There is a problem that when a zip is made up of multiple polygons, we aren't catching the match at all, because We're checking the returned IPropertySet object's status for "M", but not for "T".  I'm adding some code to catch the "T" case as well, but the IPropertySet object still only seems to have data corresponding to a single result, even though there are two polygons that match (both candidates are a 100% match, both candidates are being returned using the same locator through the desktop app).

In these cases, it would be nice to be able to determine programatically which polygon's data to use (e.g. I'd like to select the centroid from the biggest polygon that makes up the zip code).  Is there a way to get the geocoder to return info about both zip codes in the IPropertySet object?