Results from geoprocessing job not being returned to client...

Discussion created by CityOfSurrey on Feb 3, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2012 by DSwingley-esristaff
I have published a geoprocessing job to ArcGIS Server.  I cannot seem to retrieve the resultant geometry from the job.  The job executes successfully as seen in the ArcGIS Server log and valid data in the output folder.

On the JavaScript API side - results[0] is undefined is returned from the job. 

gp.submitJob(params, getPlume);

function getPlume(results, messages) {
     var features = results[0].value.features;

Any ideas why I am not getting the geometry returned?  There is a valid shape file created in the output folder.

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ps - uses the same model as this: