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SQL Table Field Type OBJECT_ID

Question asked by elove on Feb 3, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by ajay_s

I have an ODBC connection in ArcCatalog to a non-spatial SQL table. I need to put the table in a SDE Geodatabase and am having some issues.

When viewing the non-spatial SQL table fields in ArcCatalog I noticed that one of the field types was changed from int to OBJECT_ID, I assume this is becasue it needs a unique key field. However, this is causing problems when I try and import the SQL table into a geodatabase, it drops the field and adds another OBJECT_ID field. I need this field to be there, it is important.

I have tried creating an empty table in SDE that includes the fields/schema I need and then appending the rows from the SQL table to the empty table and in the process mapping the fields to try and bring the one being dropped over. The problem is that it is not populating the field with the values I need.

Please help, I am at a loss!!

Thanks in advance! :)