What does the Identify Operation do When we pass an Envelope or Polygon?

Discussion created by strider8 on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by svinnakota-esristaff
We were running an Idetify task from our Flex App, when we saw a strange result. Ife we pass in a point while identifying, we got more results than if we pass in a bigger envelope, or buffer around our points. We found that this results is reproducable when we query the rest end point.

Suppose I want to identify the traffic Camera at the Location of (-85.8117346379999, 38.274177432) on the Louisville Map service (,
we get the following results :

You will see that you get one traffic cam (Object Id=2).

Now if I pass an enevelope around this point of (-85.8, 38.2,-85.82, 38.3), we get the following result

You will see that now you get one result, but this is a different Cam (Object Id=47)

Why does the Identify operation return such an unexpected result?