Why is my application so painfully slow and unresponsive in Internet Explorer?

Discussion created by garethmann on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by janiegoddard
I am new to the Javascript API, the web page I have built is quite slow in Internet Explorer and some things don't seem to work right at all. In Google Chrome it is much faster and everything appears to be working correctly.

Here is the link:

The accordion on the left of the map has two tabs:

1) A legend: This is working fine in Google Chrome, however in Internet Explorer I cannot grab the scroll bar and move up and down. WHY IS IT NOT WORKING? I got the code for it from here:

2) Checkboxes for turning layers on and off: This works in both browsers but is very slow, especially in Internet Explorer. After ticking a layer on and off it can take up to 7 seconds for the map itself to refresh. Is there a more efficient way of achieving the same effect? Could the slowness have something to do with the way I have the Service set up in ArcGIS Server Manager? (It is not a "tiled map service", I do not really know how to set up a "tiled map service" anyway, will that improve speed dramatically once I work out how to set it up?)