single or multiple loop(s)

Discussion created by cfdirt on Feb 2, 2012
Python People,

I am running a very basic script and it seems to be taking longer than what I'd expect. 

I am unzipping files with python in one function.

In a second function I am running the ASCII_to_Raster conversion and the Define_Spatial_Management within a single loop.  Would it be faster to run the ASCII_to_Raster conversion in one loop then start a second loop on the newly created rasters and run the Define_Spatial_Management in its own loop?  When I look at the Date Modified the time has about doubled from the first output to the last.

Is there a general rule of thumb for running multiple arcpy processes (single vs multiple loops)?  Is there any performance gained if each arcpy process ran in its own function? 

Any insights or hints are welcomed.