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Help me get started... how to get access to the map and its layers from a REST SOE?

Question asked by dreamaster on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2012 by dreamaster
OK... so I'm pretty stoked... using the templates and the samples, I have created a REST server object extension, that takes in some strings as parameters and returns a string back after I publish the map and select my custom service as a Capability.   But I'm VERY green at ArcObjects still, so help me get past this one simple concept and I think I can start to "get it"... 

In my Operation Handler, I have access to serverObjectHelper... and it has the IServerObject as it's property... if I output the "ConfigurationName" I get back the name of my MapService... which makes sense.   But what if I wanted access to the FeatureLayers contained in the map that the mapservice is based on?   What is the code (in c# preferably) to say, list out all the names of the layers in the map (or mapservice)?  

Any help would be greatly appreciated!