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Slope and polygon editing

Question asked by ndarnell on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by maja2012
I have a pretty simple question.  My task is to calculate slope and eliminate all slopes over 30% from a set of existing polygons.  I can create the slope, classify it to only display the slope over 30% but have no idea how to convert the raster to a polygon in order to clip it from the existing set of polygons.  I *think* my problem is that I cannot figure out the conversion of the slope file to polygon.  I thought it wouldn't convert because it is a floating point, but when I tried to convert to integer, I seem to have lost my slope information.  I feel like this is very easy, yet just beyond my grasp. 

Thanks in advance.

Nicole Darnell
Archaeologist / GIS Specialist
Dominguez Archaeological Research Group