Calculating Percentage of overlapping Shapefiles

Discussion created by scott.joseph on Feb 1, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by eokeefe

Does anyone know of a way to calculate the percentage of overlapping shapefiles? I am mapping out the removal of the invasive species on an island over time. In Shapefile A I have the entire island covered in a polygon feature (showing that the entire island was covered in invasive species at that point in time). In Shapefile B I have some of the island covered in a polygon feature. The uncovered portion shows the area of the island where invasive species have been removed. I want to calculate the percentage of the area Shapefile B takes up relative to the area Shapefile A takes up, thus giving me the percentage of the island that had been cleared at the time of Shapefile B.

I am a student learning ArcGIS, so any help regarding this situation is appreciated. I'm sorry if my explanation was difficult to understand.

Thank you.