Performance Questions

Discussion created by on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2013 by akajanus-esristaff
I have a couple quick questions I was hoping you could help me with in regards to performance of the ESRI WPF control.  A bit of background about our project: Our application displays the real time location of calls for service and vehicles from several dispatch center systems.

We are currently stress testing our application with a concurrent load of 2000 vehicles and 150 calls and are experiencing performance issues with the map. We would like to able to target even higher numbers in the future.

My questions are as follows

1. Is there a maximum recommended number of items to display on the map at a time? Is it insane to attempt to render 2000+ items on the map at one time? We are using a GraphicsLayer and MarkerSymbols w/ a custom control template. We are also using custom clustering logic which seems to help when turned on.
2. Is there possibly a better performing way to render our points w/ custom symbology?
3. Do you have any best practices or tips for getting the best performance from the map control?
4. What tools / metrics can be used for monitoring and analyzing map performance? We have been using the VS 2010 performance explorer and the Red Gate profiler on our entire app. Are there any specific tools / approaches you can recommend?