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Security for services without login?

Question asked by jkl46 on Jan 29, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2014 by hcopropappr
I'm working on an Intranet map using rest services in Arcgis Server 10 and javascript 2.5.
My client decided that some of the services must be secure and not visible to all users. Preferably the user should not have to login in to the map. Users are already set up in Windows accounts and the same roles in windows could be applied.
I have found some information in

For now the services are permitted to everyone inside the local network but as more complex data is added and in a future editing will be permitted to some users it needs to be secured for some services.

The user can either be automatically authenticated based on the operating system login, or the user may see a pop-up login dialog box.
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But how do I control this in my javascript code?
Am I right when assuming that if I want to use a dialog box I could use IdentityManager? But does Identity manager work when I don't have token based security?
And the main thing - if I don't want to use log in dialog box- how does that work?