Help Determining if Coordinate falls within layers polygon

Discussion created by jacobg12 on Jan 28, 2012
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Hello, I'm attempting to determine if a set coordinate value(x,y;decimal. not degree's in minutes/seconds) falls within a layer.

I've published a simple arcGIS Resource(my map file from arcMap) and am using the layer query.

I do not have any address values, as these are boundary lines.

I simply need to figure out, based on a coordinate, which object ID from the layer, the given point is within.(If any.)

Here is a URL containing the X,Y values of a type of search I'd like to make.
Now, you will most likely need to switch the order of the coordinates I have put in. That coordinate value is within the boundaries lines of Yellow Stone National Park. So, how may I go about querying the proper coordinates to acquire that result?

Also, here is a link containing Yellow Stone National Park's JSON output from within my layer:

The first thing I noticed as a bit odd, was the x,y values of this polygon. They appear to be non-standarized. Though, determining if a point falls within this layer shouldn't be an issue if the server is infact converting those rather odd x,y values into normal values.

I've also tried the Geocode services, and have one up and running,but was unable to create the service correctly due to not having any address field.

I am currently unable to determine if a pair of x,y values falls into the realm of my layer, and if so, which object_ID does it point to.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. is the link mentioned above to my Geocode server. is an additional link very similar to the GeoCode server, only before hand I attempted to Standardize my addresses, in the hopes that it may convert properly.