Tracing Lines

Discussion created by stefancoe on Jan 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2013 by maiklas
All of my development experience with ArcServer has been with the Web ADF and since ESRI is dropping it at 10.1, I am thinking that I'll be switching over to the JavaScript API. Our next project will be a web application that allow users to digitize & submit potential transportation projects, which are represented as polylines. These polylines need to sit, topologically speaking, on top of our network, as they will eventually be used to update our base network in our Travel Demand Model (e.g. add a lane to a section of highway). While we consider this a network, we are not using a network data set or network analyst.

So I am wondering, without using Network analyst, is there a way for a user to click on the network and trace the project route on the underlying transportation line work, and the click again when finished, resulting in a polyline that shares the same vertices as the line work underneath. If not, I imagine it would be pretty easy for the user to select the portions of the network that make up their project and create a new polyline from those selected line features. Is this the case? Many thanks!