Updating a Feature Class from a SQL table

Discussion created by bshore on Jan 27, 2012
Hello All,

I am in the process of teaching myself how to write python scripts and have decided to step it up a level. I have a point feature class of roughly 14,000 locations that I have geocoded. After the geocoding was complete, I manually located any records that matched to ZIP (about 500 records). The table that I geocode from is on a SQL Server that gets updated every day. Records in the table may get changed (there are 20 fields that could potentially change), deleted, or new ones added. Instead of re-geocoding the table every time I want updated data (and manually locating all that match to ZIP), I would like to change, delete, or geocode any new records that have been changed or updated.

I have been doing a lot of research on cursors and how to implement them in this process. I have found a lot of documentation through ArcGIS Resource Center???s Forums and Help, but haven???t found anything that documents how to tie everything together. Any direction or insight on how to get going on this would be greatly appreciated.