Automated Map Creation & Export - Maintain correct geometry / area

Discussion created by roy_hewitt on Jan 27, 2012
I'm writing a script that automates the creation of a map for a watershed (user input).  My workflow is below; I need to maintain the correct area for wetland polygons throughout the script as I will be using the area for analysis when the map is complete.

User Input Watershed Code => Clip All wetlands file with current watershed => Dissolve clipped wetlands file by wetland type to get acreage of each wetland type within shed => generate report with report layout file (.rlf) of acreage by wetland type

Additionally, I'd like to know if the "repair geometry" geoprocessing tool will update the acreage, or if I should use the area property of the shape attribute in field calculator to update the area (!shape.area@acres!).

The acreages will be multiplied by a ratio developed in house to detmermine the linear distance that must be walked through each type of wetland to consider the watershed as a whole "survey completed."