How to progress with ESRI JS API...on possible project

Discussion created by Arkitech on Jan 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2012 by mmoyles

We are looking at replacing a app we have setup with google where users can search for the property which gets passed to google to find the closest bus stop to their location.

I would like to get this under ESRI and the JS API but unsure how to progress forward and what to look at first.

We would have an address database lookup which is already integrated with the JS API and is a REST service. This will take the user to the location on the map where they live or are at the moment (geolocations will also be available if the user wants to enable it)

during the pass of the address to the map, i would like it to find features on a map from a distance specified and the first 5 found and highlight the results on the map.

user can click on each result on map or full results table of 1-5 available below map - okay with this.

Just wondering what i should be looking at, looking at the samples, the find features on map seems to be a good start..would anyone have any feedback or advice for me?