Missing featureSet fields when gp.submitJob(..)--in Flex??? pushes JSON to gp script

Discussion created by avargas8776 on Jan 25, 2012
I am extending existing query functionality that I have added to the ArcGIS Flex Viewer. I would like to extract the results from a query--which consists of a FeatureSet--into a .gdb. In order to do so, on the Flex side (not on the arcgis server), I package the FeatureSet which contains various fields such as DEPTH, NAME, OBJECTID, Shape_Area, Shape_Length, SQKM, SQMI, and SURF_ELEV into an object and send that object in the gp.submitJob(..) method.

However, when I debug in the python script, all fields other than the default ESRI fields are missing. But when I run the same geoprocessing task via ArcMap from a computer that is connected to said arcgis server, all the fields "make it" to the python script.

I have used Fiddler 2 in order to determine what is being sent out, and all of the fields are being sent correctly.

What am I missing? Why do these fields get trimmed away by whatever is passing the gp.submitJob(..) input to the python script?

Thanks for your help!