How do I switch units between degrees minutes seconds and decimal degrees in 9.3.1?

Discussion created by dm1303 on Jan 25, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2012 by kwgis
I have a grid on my map, and the default units are degrees minutes seconds, but I need the map to be in decimal degrees. After creating the grid, I right click on it and hit "properties" then "girds." After making sure that my grid is checked, I hit "properties" on the gird menu. Next, I go to "intervals" and I check "decimal degrees". Finally, I hit "apply" and "ok" until I am out of the menu and back in my map. I never get any error messages, BUT my map remains in degrees minutes seconds. If I go back through that sequence, it says that the grid is in decimal degrees, but its not. What am I doing wrong? According to the help pages online that is how I change the units, but it certainly is not working. Also, will that change the entire map so that I can import a list of coordinates in decimal degrees from excel, or does that just change the labels on the grids? If it just changes the labels, then how do I change the map as a whole?
Thank you for the help.