There is no disk in the drive. Why?

Discussion created by briancryer on Jan 25, 2012
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I am just starting with ArcObjects SDK. Using C# in Visual Studio 2010. I've been looking at some of the examples and starting to play with putting my own together.

Something which has been plaguing me is the message:

  devenv.exe - No Disk
  (x) There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive D:.
  [Cancel]  [Try Again]  [Continue]

This happens when I try to run or when I finish running an application. I'm 99% sure this is ArcObjects related because it doesn't happen with any of my other applications, and when I started a new blank (WinForms) application it was fine until I dropped an ArcGIS LicenseControl onto the form. Then the annoying message started appearing. I also get this with some of the provided samples. I'm assuming this something to do with my installation, any ideas?

D: is my CD/DVD drive. C: and E: are real drives. I installed it from a virtual drive J:.
Using Process Monitor the file it is trying to look for on D: is "D:\ArcGIS\DotNet\ESRI.ArcGIS.System.pdb"
(It looks first in the GAC, then D: then C:\Windows before giving up and not finding it.)

A work around is to put a CD into the D: drive, but this is far from ideal.

Any ideas welcome. Thanks.