Please categorize forums again

Discussion created by gambrels on Apr 26, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2010 by kathidubach
Perhaps I am the only one who thinks so, but I really liked that the other forums were categorized based on what you were trying to accomplish.  So if I'm having trouble editing I can go straight to a borard with ONLY those topics, I don't have to search through posts regarding exporting, page layout, symbology, projections, working with CAD, etc. 

Not only was it easier to search (because you could search just within the one forum), but also it was nice to be able to browse through posts on a specific topic - I learned a lot of little tricks that way!

Now admittedly, it was probably a little daunting for new uesrs, in that they might not know where to post, but in serving those folks I think you've made it really difficult for users such as myself who are well-versed in ArcGIS but still need specialized help at times.  If this were really part of the reason for striking the categorization, perhaps having a "beginners" forum that was uncategorized, while having the rest of the forums categorized would serve both groups better. 

At any rate, is there any hope that the old structure - categorized forums - will return?