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Discussion created by mika3112 on Jan 25, 2012
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I want to combine two raster data sets to one new in ARCGIS 10 with following condition:
raster1 has two values (value, LIA), raster2 is a DTM (elevation).
So the condition is: If value LIA in raster1 is < elevation in raster2,  then 1, otherwise 0.
I did this in ARC-Info years ago which worked without any problems, but I do not know all how to use it exactly in Arc GIS 10.

To use a certain value (column) in Arc-Info we used e.g. raster1.LIA (for my data set) so

Con("raster2" > "raster1.LIA", 1, Con("raster2" < "raster1.LIA", 0)) is false.

Thanx in advance.