3D vertical line feature, giving zero length error

Discussion created by naym_rm on Jan 25, 2012
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I was working with a line and a point feature class. Those classes are Z enabled. I have created a Geometric Network with those classes with Z enabled also.
In the line feature I have a vertical line whose both end points have same x,y but different z values. So in ArcMap this line looks line a point and in ArcScene vertical line
show a good length. But the problems are:-

When I click Verify Network Feature Geometry Command then it points to the vertical line and says 1 feature has invalid geometry
and When I export DataSet that includes this Network into XML Workspace Document then it can successfully export. But during importing it gives error :-

FDO error: -2147186428 [XML parse error: System error:-2147210927.[Line: 32, column: 167]]
zero-length polylines not allowed
Field is not editable

Can someone help.