Local install with GlassFish 3

Discussion created by ysgutfreund on Jan 24, 2012
I needed to do a local install of the the JSAPI.

I am on a win7 box, but I am not running IIS, rather Java EE (with Glassfish and its little apache server). I am having troubles translating this step for GlassFish, Can you help me?

Deploy a handler. The JavaScript APIs stream multiple JavaScript files. In order to have one URL that delivers all the JavaScript content you must deploy a handler that simultaneously streams the appropriate files to the browser. Included in the library directory are three handlers that you can use. Use Default.ashx for IIS, index.jsp for a Java Application server (such as Tomcat), or index.php for a php application server. Note that the handlers have changed at version 2.0. If you installed a previous version of the handler you will need to replace this handler with 2.0.

For example, to deploy on IIS you need to modify the default content page to include Default.ashx. Steps include:

    Open IIS Manager.
    Navigate to folder that contains Default.ashx (in this example this is C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\arcgis_js_api\library\2.6\arcgis).
    Open properties dialog (right click, properties).
    Click the Documents Tab.
    Ensure Enable default content page has been clicked.
    Click Add... Button.
    Enter "Default.ashx" and Add.
    Press OK and Exi