Where to get Placement Properties of a Label using VBA

Discussion created by lsygo on Jan 24, 2012
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I try to get the placement properties in the GeoFeatureLayers of a MxDocument.
I'm able to get the label expression, symbol font and color from ILabelEngineLayerProperties (see the code below),
but I'm not able to find which object is used to store the placement properties.

Dim pGFL As IGeoFeatureLayer
Dim pANPC As IAnnotateLayerProperties
Dim pANPT As IAnnotateLayerProperty
Dim pLBEN As ILabelEngineLayerProperties


Set pANPC = pGFL.AnnotationProperties
pANPC.QueryItem 0, pANPT, Nothing, Nothing

I tried BasicOverposterLayerProperties, but when I run the program, it says this function/method is not supported.
The version I'm using is ArcGIS 9.3.1
Could anyone tell me am I using the correct object?
Is there other ways to get the placement properties using VBA?