IrubberBand::TrachNew use only left mouse click

Discussion created by abhijeet on Apr 25, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2010 by kirkktx
hi all,
I trying to develop a measure tool using IRubberband::TrackNew. In my tool I have to do several left mouse clicks in order to have some random polyline whose length is to be measured.

My problem is I can restrict my tool for left click only at the first point, on second point onwards I can not control the right click or middle click. My tool takes these clicks as well which I want to avoid.

Using if (Button == 1) works fine only for first point. Once code comes to
m_pPoly = m_pPolyRB.TrackNew(m_pDisplay, null); then it does not diffreniate left /right/middle clicks.

How can do it usign IRubberband::TrackNew?