Multimodal data set not functioning - NETWORK ANALYST

Discussion created by jstrauss on Apr 24, 2010
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Hello all,

I am trying to create a multimodal network dataset in the greater Boston area using the MBTA subway lines/stations, commuter rail lines/stations, and bus routes (stations are assumed to be anywhere along a bus route for the purposes of this network).  I integrated a 400 m buffer line around the respective stations and then changed these vectors to points (the buffers now serve as the stations along the lines).  I'm trying to construct the network so that anywhere the commuter buffer and subway buffer intersect, a "change" of line can be made.  Additionally, anywhere the bus lines intersect with these buffers, one should be able to change mode of transit.

Currently, I have four modes of connectivity in the network.  When building it, the four modes were used to refer to the bus lines, subway lines, commuter lines, and station buffers (which were used instead of the stations).  Although ArcCatalog offered me no error message, the network did not build. 

I realize this is confusing.  Does anyone know what could be wrong?  Any tips for building a multimodal network with three modes of public transportation?

Thank you,