Watershed Delineation Tutorial

Discussion created by MWWINI10 on Jan 20, 2012
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Do they exist?

Essentially I'm simply trying to delineate a city watershed but have found a significant lack of documentation with ArcHydro (ie not much supporting info in either: ComprehensiveTerrain preprocessing using Arc Hydro tools or  ArcHydro- GIS for Water Resources).   Feel like I'm in the dark with this extension, don't know if I'm getting correct raster sets, lots of error messages, etc).  Additionally the AquaVeo AHGW tutorials really doesn't do much for me either. This tutorial [] is OK but outdated and doesn't reflect correct order for newest ArcHydro release, moreover it I'm getting different results as the examples provided.

Hydrology Toolset in ArcToolbox offers conflicting workflow.  The Hydrologic analysis sample applications offered on the ArcGIS 10 Help isn't much at all.  It says that you can use the tools in sequential order, but then most tools require another tool that precedes it, and then there is a significant lack of documentation regarding the necessary Input rasters and data fields with no explanation as to where they come from our what they should represent.

I feel like this should be a very simple thing to accomplish, but as with my experiences with ESRI products, not much ever works out like it should.