SP3 breaking a Script?

Discussion created by Sycosys on Jan 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2012 by rafaelr
We are running a small script which mashes together some feature classes and spits out a new layer to be processed by the next step.

in SP2 the script would output the intermediate layer to the display for the next process.

In SP3 it fails to output the intermediate layer.

What are we missing that changed in SP3?

The tool being called is Union_Analysis.. pretty straight forward.

The script now fails between step 2.2 that creates the union output feature ???Ground_PA??? and 2.3 which deletes extra fields because the feature is not added to the MXD, where was added before the service pack???


#2.1 - Union of Ground & Protected Area
arcpy.Union_analysis(["ProtectedArea", "Ground"], "\PipeEnvironment\Ground_PA", "ALL")

#2.2 - Union of Surface Loads & Ground_PA
arcpy.Union_analysis(["Ground_PA", "SurfaceLoadArea"], "\PipeEnvironment\Ground_PA_SL", "ALL")

#2.3 - Delete extra fields
arcpy.DeleteField_management("Ground_PA_SL", ["Name_1", "Type_1", "Comments", "Comments_1", "CreatedDate", "CreatedDate_1", "CreatedDate_12", "Comments_12", "CreatedUser", "CreatedUser_1", "CreatedUser_12", "FID_Ground", "FID_Ground_PA", "FID_ProtectedArea", "FID_SurfaceLoadArea", "GISComments", "GISComments_1", "GISComments_12", "ModifiedDate", "ModifiedDate_1", "ModifiedDate_12", "ModifiedUser", "ModifiedUser_1", "ModifiedUser_12", "MPVID", "MPVID_1", "MPVID_12", "Source", "Source_1", "Source_12", "Type"])