View hyperlinks in Area

Discussion created by jcscott on Jan 20, 2012

Question regarding the hyperlink function.

I am currently using hyperlinks (and a script) to call and open a specific access records from Arcgis 10 to Microsoft Access.
Currently i can only use the hyperlink tool to select a single location and view the list of avalible links from that single location.

Does anyone know if it is possible to view hyperlinks within a drawn box or a drawn area and still maintain the script to Access?

Essentially what I am hoping to achieve is the ability to draw a box around my desired objects, and have the list of links appear within my selection (the same way the hyperlink tool does.

I have attached my script that I am using.

Thanks for your help!

Function OpenLink ( [Call_Number]  )
Dim formFilter
formFilter = [Call_Number]
Dim objAccess
Set objAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")
Set objAccess = GetObject("F:\Library.mdb")
objAccess.DoCmd.OpenForm "Report", acNormal, ,("[LibraryID]=" & Chr(34) & formFilter &Chr(34))
End Function